About us

KTP S.r.l. is not only a company that has recently arisen but it is the result of several and original ideas, a strong will and a certain determination and passion which allowed to create a company that is able to offer products for the development of personal sensations, to simplify some daily issues that affect us and to make us appreciate life and make us live it easily and with a smile on our mouth. Beside this, without boasting each other but remaining humble, we have set the goal that is introducing new trends to the sociological world. KTP S.r.l., the Key To Pleasure, is the path we want to follow which means spreading and promoting the best and the most original and useful products , Made in Italy obviously. On this website we debut in the erotic field with the KTP69® line and we do it through a unique product that includes and practically shows all the concepts previously declared: I’m Joy, the name itself says it all. K.T.P S.r.l. was born some years ago thanks to the natural creative flair of the author of this product and that currently runs this company. His past is pleasantly marked by inventions in different fields and he was also awarded for some of them. One example is his first masterpiece when, at the age of 18, he won the contest of the famous Magazine “Topolino” (Walt Disney), sponsored by Adica Pongo of Florence, among 10.000 contenders . He also took part in some exhibition of inventions such as the Vespucci CCIAA award in Florence thanks to some of his creation that in the past regarded the design of gold objects. Even the famous magazine “Focus” dedicated some of its pages to his inventions. For all these reasons we are sure that you will become loyal clients and satisfied customers of our products either now and in the future…and this is not all. Our partners can ensure and guarantee the quality and the professionalism of our job in fact some of them even invested on our ambitious and current project because they are convinced it is something worthy it and some other even involved their company in it and became very important and functional as regards the production of the device. We are talking about the RL ELETTRONICA and the RI-VI, obviously both of them are Italian and are based in Cortona-Camucia (Arezzo). We pleasantly and proudly mention them since those are successful and professional companies that believed in this project and in the future ones as well by making all their experience in the electronics and in the assembly available. In the end KTP S.r.l. opens up its doors to all those who want to invest and who want to make big ideas real . Those could be considered so only when plenty of people will benefit from them, thanks to a qualified team work.