I’m Joy…experience something unimaginable

The world of sex toys offers a wide range of sex toys with the oddest shapes which, at times, are incomprehensible. None of them, independently from its commercial value, can boast the highest performance and the biggest result if compared to the others. I’m Joy represents the turning point, the history that continues by giving us the new and absolute symbol of pleasure, not just a sex toy but...

I'm Joy

the TOY per excellence. If compared to it all the other toys will disappear in terms of details… I’m Joy goes beyond the limit reached by the other common clitoral stimulators; it’s the arrival point in the world of female pleasure. We are talking about incredibly satisfying sensations with unprecedented intensity. I’m Joy is able to give those sensations to all the women. I’m Joy will surprise you with orgasm that you have never had before and that no other toy will ever give you.

How is that possible?

After many years of research and studies we have put in one single system, which is patented and registered, P.B.S. (Pleasure Binary System), a swinging movement (NOT A VIBRATION LIKE THE OTHER TOYS) placed in the part dedicated to the massage, with a particular shape and size, correlated with an adjustable power. This is why I’m Joy is unique and one of a kind. I’m Joy is also an excellent and powerful body mini-massager, it’s portable and rechargeable using the standard USB cable supplied. It can perfectly make you relax and make you feel that relief from tension in each part of your body such as the neck, the cervical, the waist, the legs and feet. It is also very efficient in reactivate the blood circulation in case of wrinkles for example. By massaging all your body with I’m Joy you will appreciate moments of relax after intense moments of pleasure experienced before either alone or together with your partner. Give him/her one I’m Joy as well so that he/she will manage to face the daily stress. It is an excellent present even for your girl friends that will never forget you…


standard USB cable supplied.

2 years of Warranty

the operation is ensured by the internal safety devices to EC standards.

Made in Italy

entirely built in Italy in all its parts with extreme care in the selection of suitable materials.

Adjustable intensity

three distinct sequential intensity.


I am Joy, my little finger swings….it does not vibrate,
I have three different speed levels in sequence in order to give you an unimaginable pleasure,
I never goes on or off all of a sudden,
My energy will seem unlimited,
You can recharge me any time you want to and I will always warn you with a light,
I am waterproof enough for your needs, I will never slip out of your hands,
My safety standards will always protect you,
All the materials used to make me are not toxic to safeguard your health,
You will be proud to show me and you will never hide me thanks to my appealing design,
I will be delivered in a fine and, above all, anonymous way,
…you will always take me along with you,